Why I Work Out in the Morning to Burn Fat

Morning Workout

Today I want to tell you about why I enjoy training in the morning, my personal fat loss journey, and how working out in the morning actually translated into burning more body fat for my weight loss.

So, first things first, I think it’s great to exercise first thing in the morning. Get the training out of the way early so you’re not stressed about having to go work out after work, where you might be feeling super tired and unmotivated.

And training first thing in the morning will release endorphins, and those endorphins will improve your mood and give you energy to last through the entire day.

Also, when I work out first thing in the morning I make sure I’m training in a fasted state, so I don’t have breakfast before I exercise. So when I was concentrating on losing weight, I would have dinner at night, wouldn’t eat after that before going to sleep, obviously I didn’t eat while I slept, and then didn’t have breakfast before I went to the gym. After that period of time, my body entered a fasted state, with no food to fuel my workout. And then I’d go to the gym and train with weights and cardio.

Now, you’re gonna need energy to train, so where is the body gonna find that energy? There’s no food in the system. It’s going to burn more body fat. So, what I would do was to make sure that I took my supplements beforehand to target fat, and I would take protein afterwards to make sure I didn’t burn muscle tissue, and ended up burning a lot more fat during those sessions because I was fasted.

Now, when you work out in the evenings or the afternoons, it’s very hard to train fasted because you’ve obviously had breakfast or lunch. But after that long sleep, it’s a lot easier.

The other reason why I like to work out in the mornings is that it’s actually been shown that if you can train weights in the morning, and then cardio in the afternoon, that cardio session will burn 3.8 times more body fat for those calories than if I just did that cardio session any other time during the day and didn’t train in the morning.

That morning session primes the body to burn a lot more body fat from any exercise session in the afternoon. So when I found time to train in the afternoon, I knew I was going to burn a lot more body fat because of that morning session.

So these are the reasons why I enjoy training first thing in the morning, and how it helped me burn a lot more body fat than if I’d trained other times of the day.

I hope you got something out of these tips, and thanks for visiting.

Morning Workout