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Beat The Instructor (BTI) challenge

How would you fare if you went head to head with someone from the military in a fitness face-off? You might fancy your chances of doing well but, without the opportunity to prove yourself, you have nothing to back up your confidence. That’s where the Beat The Instructor challenge comes in.

The challenge‚ created by American Military Fitness (AMF), the biggest provider of outdoor fitness classes in the US‚ is an outdoor circuit-style test involving a series of exercises performed against the clock. The aim is to complete the test faster than the time set by instructors from AMF‚ which for women is 5min 50sec.

You can take it for FREE in 57 parks around the US in which AMF runs classes. Just fill out the sign-up form on the Beat The Instructor website.

Every time will be entered on our leaderboard, and you can take the test more than once. If you beat the challenge, your name will go into the BTI Hall of Fame and you will receive a special T-shirt.

The top competitors will be invited to take part in the grand final, which will take place in March.